Chapter 31

The Temple

“Chapter 31: The Temple,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 122–24

Solomon kneeling

There was peace in the land of Israel. God said King Solomon should build a temple in Jerusalem. It would be the house of God. The ark of the covenant would be in the temple. The people would not need the tabernacle anymore because they would have the temple.

Solomon’s people building temple

Thousands of people helped build the temple. It was made of stone and wood. Men brought the best wood from far away. They cut large stones for the walls of the temple.

golden altar

The temple was beautiful. It had many rooms. The walls and floors were covered with gold. There were curtains made of beautiful cloth. Gold candlesticks lighted the rooms. There was a golden altar in one room.

brass oxen and pool

Another room had a pool filled with water. The pool was on the backs of twelve oxen. The oxen were made of brass.

Solomon’s temple

It took seven years to build the temple. At last it was finished. Then Solomon put beautiful gold and silver bowls in the temple.

ark of the covenant in temple

The priests brought the ark of the covenant from the tabernacle. They put the ark in the temple. The two stones with the commandments written on them were in the ark.

priests singing songs

The priests of Israel came to the temple. They sang songs and thanked God for the temple. The cloud that had been over the tabernacle filled the temple. The temple was the house of God.

Solomon speaking

Solomon spoke to the Israelites. He told them to obey God’s commandments. Then Solomon prayed to God. He asked God to forgive the people when they had repented.

Solomon offering sacrifices

Solomon made sacrifices to God. Fire from heaven came down to the altar. The fire burned the sacrifices.

people bowing before God

The people worshiped God. They thanked him for the temple.

Solomon listening to God

God spoke to Solomon. He said Solomon and the Israelites should be righteous. Then he would bless them forever.