Chapter 27

Young David

“Chapter 27: Young David,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 109–11

Samuel praying

God told Samuel to go to Bethlehem. A man named Jesse lived there. One of Jesse’s sons would be the next king of Israel.

Samuel going to Bethlehem

Samuel obeyed God. He went to Bethlehem. He took a calf to sacrifice to God.

Samuel meeting Jesse’s sons

Samuel told Jesse and his sons to come to the sacrifice. One of the sons was tall and strong. Samuel thought this son would be the king.

Samuel kneeling

But God said he had not chosen that son.

Samuel talking to Jesse

Jesse’s other sons came to Samuel. God had not chosen any of them to be king. Samuel asked if Jesse had any more sons.


Jesse said his youngest son was not there. His name was David. Samuel told Jesse to send for David.

David watching over sheep

David was taking care of the sheep.

Samuel blessing Daniel

David came to Samuel. David was a good boy. God said he had chosen David to be king.

Samuel anointed David. He put oil on David’s head and blessed him.


David was filled with the Holy Ghost. David was anointed to become the next king. Someday he would be the king of Israel.