Chapter 22

Forty Years in the Wilderness

“Chapter 22: Forty Years in the Wilderness,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 87–90

Israelites carrying ark of the covenant

The Israelites lived at Mount Sinai for a year. Then the cloud went away from the tabernacle. The Israelites followed the cloud into the wilderness. The priests carried the ark of the covenant in front of them. Jesus said he would lead the Israelites to the promised land.

Israelites complaining to Moses

The Israelites followed Moses. They did not like the wilderness. They were not happy. They were sorry they had left Egypt.

Israelites catching quails

Jesus sent them manna. The people got tired of eating manna. They wanted some meat. Jesus sent some quails for them.

Moses directing people

The Israelites came to the land of Canaan. It was the promised land. Moses sent twelve spies into the land of Canaan.

spies returning

The spies came back. They brought many kinds of fruit. They said the land was very good. But some of the spies were afraid of the people of Canaan. The people were big and strong. They lived in big cities with walls around them.

frightened people

The Israelites listened to the spies. The Israelites were afraid. They thought they could not capture the land of Canaan. They were angry at Moses. They wanted to go back to Egypt. They did not have faith in God.

Jesus speaking with Moses

Jesus was angry at the Israelites. He told Moses he would not help them anymore. Moses asked God to forgive them. Jesus forgave them. But he would not let them go into the promised land. He told Moses to take the Israelites back into the wilderness.

Israelites traveling

God said they must live in the wilderness for forty years. The older Israelites did not have faith in God. They would die in the wilderness. Their children would grow up and go into the promised land. The Israelites went back into the wilderness.

Israelites asking for water

One day the Israelites were very thirsty. There was no water to drink. They told Moses they wanted water.

Moses retrieving water from rock

Jesus Christ told Moses how to get water. Moses hit a rock two times with his rod. Water came out of the rock. The people drank the water.

Moses teaching commandments

Moses led the people in the wilderness for forty years. He taught them the commandments of God.

Moses overlooking land of Canaan

When Moses was 120 years old, God told him to go to a mountain. Moses saw the land of Canaan. It was the land God had promised the Israelites. Then God took Moses.