Chapter 2

Jesus Makes the Earth

“Chapter 2: Jesus Makes the Earth,” Old Testament Stories (1980), 9–14

large galaxy

It was time to make the earth. Heavenly Father chose Jesus Christ to make it. He told Jesus how to make it. Jesus made the earth in six days.

light and darkness

The days were much longer than our days. The first day Jesus made the light. He called it day. He made the dark. He called it night.

waves crashing

The second day Jesus divided the water. Some water was on the earth. Some water was in the clouds in the sky.

tree and river

The third day Jesus made dry land. He made the grass and the trees grow. He made all the plants grow.

night and day

The fourth day Jesus made the sun. He made the moon and the stars.


The fifth day Jesus put fish in the water. He also made the birds. The sixth day Jesus made all the other animals. He made cows and horses and dogs. He made deer and lions and tigers.


God and Jesus made a man. He was the first man on earth. His name was Adam. Adam looked like God and Jesus. Adam lived in a beautiful garden. It was called the Garden of Eden.

Adam and Eve

Adam was alone in the garden. So God and Jesus made a woman. Her name was Eve. She was Adam’s wife.

Adam and Eve looking at Garden of Eden

God and Jesus told Adam and Eve to take care of the garden. They told them to have children.

animals in Garden of Eden

God and Jesus looked at all they had made. It was good. On the seventh day they rested.