The First Parable

The Lost Sheep

“The First Parable: The Lost Sheep,” New Testament Stories (2005), 86–87

shepherd with sheep

A good shepherd had 100 sheep. One of them was lost.

shepherd finding lost sheep

The shepherd left the 99 sheep to look for the lost one. When he found it, he was very happy.

shepherd carrying sheep

The shepherd carried the sheep home. He called to all his friends and neighbors to come and be happy with him. He had found the lost sheep.

Jesus standing

Jesus Christ told the Pharisees what the parable meant. He said that those who sin are like the lost sheep.

Jesus reaching out hand

Just as the shepherd wanted to save the lost sheep, Jesus wants to save those who sin.

Jesus standing with man

Jesus said that was why He was talking with sinners.

Matthew 18:11 (see footnote 11c); Mark 2:17

Jesus standing with man and woman

And just as the shepherd was very happy when he found the lost sheep, Jesus is very happy when we repent.