Chapter 9

The Boy Jesus

“Chapter 9: The Boy Jesus,” New Testament Stories (2005), 21–25

young Jesus praying

Jesus grew up in the city of Nazareth. He learned many things and became “strong in spirit, … and the grace of God was upon him.”

young Jesus traveling with people

When Jesus was 12, He went with Joseph and Mary in a group of people to a celebration in Jerusalem. They were there for several days.

Joseph and Mary traveling

When Joseph and Mary left for home, they thought that Jesus was walking back to Nazareth with His friends. But Jesus had stayed in Jerusalem.

Joseph and Mary talking to people

When Joseph and Mary looked for Jesus, they could not find Him. No one in their group had seen Him. So Joseph and Mary went back to Jerusalem. They looked for Jesus for three days. They were very sad.

young Jesus teaching people

At last they found Jesus in the temple, talking with some teachers. He was answering their questions. The teachers were surprised at how much Jesus knew.

Luke 2:46–47 (see footnote 46c)

young Jesus talking to Mary and Joseph

Mary told Jesus that she and Joseph had been worried about Him. Jesus replied that He was doing His Father’s work—God’s work. Joseph and Mary did not understand.

Joseph, Mary, and young Jesus traveling

Jesus went home to Nazareth with Joseph and Mary and obeyed them.

young Jesus reading

Jesus learned more and more about His Heavenly Father’s work.

young Jesus making bow

He grew tall and strong.

young Jesus helping people

People loved Him. He did what God wanted Him to do.

young Jesus praying

God loved Him.