Chapter 55

The Apostles Lead the Church

“Chapter 55: The Apostles Lead the Church,” New Testament Stories (2005), 145–47

Jesus teaching Apostles

After He was resurrected, Jesus stayed with His Apostles for 40 days. He taught them many things about the gospel and His Church.

Jesus teaching Apostles

He told them to teach the gospel to all people. He also said that He would leave them soon, but the Holy Ghost would come to help them.

Jesus returning to heaven

The Apostles watched Jesus go up into the clouds. Two angels in white clothes told the Apostles that Jesus would come back from heaven someday.

Peter, James, and John

The Apostles were now the leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ on earth. Peter was President, and James and John were his counselors.

man being ordained by Apostles

There were only eleven Apostles—Judas was dead. Heavenly Father told the Apostles to choose Matthias to be one of the Twelve Apostles. All of the Apostles had a special calling in the priesthood.

people praying together

The Apostles and the other disciples had faith in the Lord. They obeyed His commandments. They loved one another.

Apostles teaching people

With the priesthood and the power of the Holy Ghost, the Apostles could do many things. They healed the sick and were missionaries. They taught about Jesus Christ and His gospel. Many people believed the Apostles’ words and joined the Church. Church members were called Saints.