Chapter 50

Other Teachings at the Last Supper

“Chapter 50: Other Teachings at the Last Supper,” New Testament Stories (2005), 127–28

Jesus speaking

After they finished eating, Jesus told His Apostles that they should love one another as He had loved them. If they did this, people would know they were His disciples.

Jesus teaching Apostles

He said that if the Apostles loved Him, they would keep His commandments. He promised them the gift of the Holy Ghost. The Holy Ghost would teach them all they needed to know. The Holy Ghost would help the Apostles remember the things Jesus had taught them.

Jesus speaking

Jesus said that He was like a vine. His disciples are like branches of the vine. Only a branch that is firmly attached to the vine can produce good fruit.

Jesus teaching

Jesus promised His Apostles that if they lived the gospel, their fruit (their works) would be good. If they did not follow Him, they would be like branches cut off from a plant and produce nothing.

Jesus praying

Jesus Christ prayed that His Apostles would be united. He wanted them to teach people to believe in Him and to know that Heavenly Father loves them.

Jesus and Apostles singing

Then Jesus and the Apostles sang a hymn and left the room.