Chapter 47

The Ten Virgins

“Chapter 47: The Ten Virgins,” New Testament Stories (2005), 118–20

women holding oil lamps

Jesus told a story about ten young women who went to a wedding. They waited for the bridegroom to come and let them in. They did not know what time he would come.

women holding oil lamps

The ten women had oil-burning lamps. Five of the women were wise. They had extra oil with them.

woman looking at oil lamp

The other five women were foolish. They only had the oil that was in their lamps.

women refilling oil lamps

The bridegroom did not come for a long time. The oil in the lamps ran out. The five wise women had more oil to put in their lamps. The five foolish women had to go buy more oil.

women standing with bridegroom

While they were gone, the bridegroom came. He let the five wise women into the wedding.

women knocking on door

When the five foolish women returned, the door was closed. They could not go to the wedding.

Jesus appearing to people

Jesus is like the bridegroom in this story. Church members are like the ten women. When Jesus comes again, some members will be ready. They will have obeyed God’s commandments. Others will not be ready. They will not be able to be with the Savior when He comes again.