Chapter 1

Elisabeth and Zacharias

“Chapter 1: Elisabeth and Zacharias,” New Testament Stories (2005), 6–7

Zacharias and Elisabeth

Zacharias and his wife, Elisabeth, were Jews who lived near Jerusalem. They obeyed God’s commandments. For many years they prayed to have a baby. When they were old, they still had no children.

angel talking to Zacharias

Zacharias was a priest in the temple. One day an angel named Gabriel came to him. Gabriel said that God would answer Zacharias and Elisabeth’s prayers. They would have a baby. Gabriel said they should name the baby John.

angel talking to Zacharias

Gabriel said that John would be a righteous prophet of God. He would teach people about Jesus Christ.

angel talking to Zacharias

Zacharias did not believe the angel. Elisabeth was too old to have a baby. Gabriel said that because he did not believe what God had promised, Zacharias would not be able to talk until John was born.