Lesson 7

“[He] Took Our Infirmities, and Bare Our Sicknesses”

“Lesson 7: ‘[He] Took Our Infirmities, and Bare Our Sicknesses’” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 5

  • A miracle is an extraordinary event caused by divine or spiritual power (Bible Dictionary, “Miracles,” 732–33). Why did Jesus perform miracles during his mortal ministry? (See Matthew 9:27–30; Mark 1:27; 2:10–11; 5:19 for some answers to this question.)

  • Why do you think faith must precede miracles? Why don’t miracles alone provide a firm foundation for faith?

  • Why are the miracles that Jesus performed during his mortal life important to you? Why is it important to know that he continues to perform miracles today? What are some examples of modern miracles?

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Invite family members to tell of miracles that have occurred in their lives or the lives of people they know.

Scripture Chain: Miracles and Faith in Jesus Christ