Lesson 38

“Thou Hast Testified of Me”

“Lesson 38: ‘Thou Hast Testified of Me’” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 22

  • Paul showed great courage by telling the angry crowd in Jerusalem the story of his conversion and his vision of Jesus Christ (Acts 21:27–22:21). When have you borne testimony in a situation that required courage? How did you gain the courage to do this? How can learning about Paul’s actions help you have more courage to share your testimony with others?

  • What happened when the master of the ship sailing from Fair Havens rejected Paul’s warning that it was too dangerous to sail? (See Acts 27:7–20.) What motivated the centurion to disregard Paul’s counsel? (See Acts 27:11–12.) Why do some of us occasionally disregard our Church leaders’ counsel? How have you learned the importance of following Church leaders’ counsel?

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Ask family members to think of someone whose example has inspired them or given them courage. Have them tell about who they thought of and why they chose those people.

Scripture Chain: Standing as Witnesses of God