Lesson 37

Jesus Christ: “The Author and Finisher of Our Faith”

“Lesson 37: Jesus Christ: ‘The Author and Finisher of Our Faith’” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 22

  • What do you learn about Jesus Christ from Hebrews 1?

  • Why must a priesthood holder be “called of God” rather than “[take] this honour unto himself”? (Hebrews 5:4).

  • Paul gave many examples of people who accomplished great things through faith in Jesus Christ. Whom did he mention? (See Hebrews 11:4–12, 17–34.)

  • Paul said that faith can help us during times of adversity or opposition (Hebrews 11:32–38). How has faith helped you deal with adversity? What other blessings have you (or someone you know) received by exercising faith in Jesus Christ?

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Plant a seed. Read Hebrews 11:1 and Alma 32:21, and ask how planting a seed is an act of faith. Then read James 2:17. Ask what works are necessary to help a seed grow. In the coming weeks, care for the seed you have planted and check it regularly to see how your faith and works help it grow.

As part of this family discussion, you may want to sing together “Faith” (Children’s Songbook, 96–97).

Scripture Chain: Faith