Lesson 26

“To This End Was I Born”

“Lesson 26: ‘To This End Was I Born’” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 15

  • What did Peter do when people outside Caiaphas’s palace said that he knew Jesus? (See Matthew 26:69–75; see also verse Matthew 26:34.) How do some of us, like Peter, sometimes deny our faith? What can we learn from Peter’s life after he denied the Lord?

  • How do you feel when you ponder the Savior’s suffering in your behalf? How can you show your gratitude for the Atonement? (As you ponder these questions, you may want to record your thoughts in your journal.)

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Discuss the following people mentioned in the scripture account of Jesus’ death and burial. Ask family members what they remember about each person or group of people.

Jesus Christ

Two thieves



Simon of Cyrene

John the Beloved


The centurion

Joseph of Arimathea

Mary, the mother of Jesus

Scripture Chain: “Greater Love Hath No Man”