Lesson 20

“Woe unto You, … Hypocrites”

“Lesson 20: ‘Woe unto You, … Hypocrites’” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 12

  • What impresses you about the account of Jesus riding humbly yet triumphantly into Jerusalem? (See Matthew 21:1–11.) How do you think you would have felt if you had been there that day?

  • Why do you think the commandments in Matthew 22:37–40 are so important? What can you do to more fully live these commandments?

  • The Savior repeatedly pronounced woe upon the scribes and Pharisees because they were hypocrites. They paid a great deal of attention to outward ordinances and actions that would make them appear righteous, but they were not as concerned with actually being righteous in their hearts (Matthew 23:13–33). What can you do to avoid hypocrisy?

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Draw on a piece of paper a picture of a tree with leaves but no fruit. On the reverse side of the paper, draw a picture of a tree with leaves and fruit. Show family members the picture of the tree without fruit, and ask a family member to read Matthew 21:17–20. Explain that when we pretend to be righteous but do not live righteously, we are like a fruit tree with many leaves but no fruit. Show family members the picture of the tree with fruit, and encourage them to live righteously—to do more than just give the appearance of righteousness.

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