Lesson 14

“Who Is My Neighbour?”

“Lesson 14: ‘Who Is My Neighbour?’” New Testament Class Member Study Guide (1997), 9

  • What is Jesus’ counsel to those who desire to achieve true greatness in his kingdom? (See Matthew 18:2–4; Mark 9:35.) How can we become more childlike and more submissive to the will of our Father in Heaven?

  • In teaching the parable of the unmerciful servant, Jesus emphasized the importance of forgiving others (Matthew 18:23–35). How are we like the king’s servant in our debt to the Lord? What can you learn from the king’s example in forgiving others? What are some of the dangers of not forgiving others? (See Matthew 18:34–35.)

  • What can you learn from the parable of the good Samaritan? (See Luke 10:25–37.) How have you been blessed by “good Samaritans”? How can you be a “good Samaritan”? (See Mosiah 4:26.)

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Read the parable of the good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37). Give particular attention to the Savior’s invitation to “go, and do thou likewise” (Luke 10:37). Then make a list of your friends, relatives, and other acquaintances, asking each family member to contribute at least one name to the list. Make plans to serve one or two of the people on the list in the coming week.

As part of this family discussion, you may want to sing together “Have I Done Any Good?” (Hymns, no. 223).

Scripture Chain: “Love Thy Neighbour”