For Facilitators

My Plan for Returned Missionaries

Under the direction of a stake priesthood leader the institute coordinator or institute director identifies a facilitator to guide the returned missionary group. The facilitator may ask another group member to help facilitate the group as needed.

The facilitator is not a teacher or expert. The facilitator’s role is to help group members follow the materials, participate, and invite the Spirit into the discussion. The facilitator works to create a safe environment and encourage participation from all group members.

The facilitator has several responsibilities before each group meeting:

  • Download the appropriate videos for each chapter to a personal device and bring that device to the group meeting to play the videos.

  • Arrive 15 minutes early to set up the meeting space and to test that the videos work. The meeting space should include up to 18 chairs set up in a circle or oval so that group can easily communicate as a council. If more than 18 participants might attend, create multiple groups in separate meeting spaces. Multiple groups will require additional facilitators.

  • Pick up a supply of My Plan for Returned Missionaries manuals and extra pens. The institute coordinator or director usually has copies of the manual. The My Plan for Returned Missionaries manual can also be found on the Gospel Library app within the Young Adults folder or as a PDF at

  • Welcome group members as they arrive.

Facilitator Do’s

Facilitator Don’ts

Before Each Meeting

  • Review the chapter briefly.

  • Download videos at

  • Check that the video and audio play correctly.

  • Set up chairs in a circle for group members.

During Each Meeting

  • Start on time.

  • Record each group member’s name and stake (if applicable).

  • Encourage everyone to participate.

  • Be a group member. Make a keep commitments.

  • Seek the Spirit and follow the manual.

  • Observe the group and keep the discussion moving.

  • Have fun.

Before Each Meeting

  • Prepare a lesson.

During Each Meeting

  • Teach or act as the expert.

  • Speak more than others.

  • Answer every question.

  • Be the center of attention.

  • Sit at the head of the table.

  • Stand up to facilitate.

  • Give your opinion about each comment.