To Quorum Presidents

“To Quorum Presidents,” Fulfilling My Duty to God: For Aaronic Priesthood Holders (2010), 90–92

The Lord has entrusted you with the priesthood keys for your quorum (see D&C 124:142–43). Part of your responsibility, as you direct the work of your quorum, is to “teach [quorum members] their duty” (see D&C 107:85–87).

This book can be an effective tool to help you teach quorum members their priesthood duties and encourage them to strengthen their testimony and their relationship with Heavenly Father. Consider the following as you help them make and carry out their plans:

  • Soon after a young man joins your quorum, visit him in his home and make sure he has a copy of this book. Use the book to give him an overview of his priesthood duties. Show him some of your plans and tell him about the experiences you are having.

  • Set a good example by making and carrying out your own plans. Share your experiences with quorum members.

  • Invite quorum members to share their experiences in quorum meetings, and encourage them to share with their families. For example, during the first few minutes of quorum meeting you could invite them to share what they are learning as they follow their plans to study the scriptures or serve others.

  • As you plan quorum meetings and activities, look for ways to include the plans your quorum members have made. For example, you could invite a quorum member to teach a lesson in quorum meeting about one of the doctrines he is studying (see pages 19, 43, and 67).

As you exercise your priesthood keys to help quorum members learn and fulfill their duties, your relationship with them will be strengthened. When quorum members work closely together, they help each other stay strong in the gospel and united as a quorum.

“Let every man learn his duty, and to act in the office in which he is appointed, in all diligence” (D&C 107:99).