Elevate Learning Experience: General Elective Courses

“Elevate Learning Experience,” Elevate Learning Experience: General Elective Courses (2016)

Teacher Instructions

This Elevate Learning Experience can be used with any institute course that is not a Cornerstone course. It consists of questions that are an important companion to the assigned readings and class participation. Inviting and helping students to study, apply, record, and share principles and doctrine can help them strengthen their testimonies and deepen their conversion.

Media IconFor training on how to use the Elevate Learning Experience questions, watch the video “How to Use the Elevate Learning Experience Questions” (4:30).

According to your direction, students respond to three of the seven questions found on the student instruction sheet. Student responses should be drawn primarily from what they have studied and applied during the course. While some of the details in administering the Elevate Learning Experience may require adaptation depending on the class or individual students, the following steps will help you and your students have a successful experience:

  1. Prepare

    Before the course begins, review the questions and make a plan for administering the Elevate Learning Experience. Your preparation may include ways to introduce the questions to the class and to explain expectations concerning the Elevate Learning Experience, such as dates for reviewing and submitting the student responses, the expected length of the responses, and the format for the responses. It is recommended that you review each of the three student responses on three different dates of your choice throughout the course.

  2. Administer the questions

    At the beginning of the course, provide each student with a copy of the questions found on the student instruction sheet. This will allow sufficient time for the students to study, apply, and record their responses to the questions throughout the semester. Help them understand the purpose of the Elevate Learning Experience. Clearly communicate your expectations for their responses, including dates for reviewing them and submitting them.

  3. Follow up

    Throughout the course, consistently encourage and assist all students as they work to complete the Elevate Learning Experience questions. Find ways to connect the questions with the curriculum, or integrate them into class activities. You may have the students work on their responses in class, out of class, or both.

  4. Review and revise

    For the days you have scheduled a review, invite and remind students to bring their responses to the assigned question(s) to class. Invite them, in their responses, to explain, share, and testify of what they have learned and applied from the course. Students may benefit by reviewing one another’s work in pairs or small groups. You may invite students to revise their responses as needed before they submit them.

  5. Submit

    Students complete the Elevate Learning Experience by submitting the responses to all three questions in accordance with your expectations. While your feedback on student responses is welcome, it is not mandatory. Record the information in the WISE Gradebook for those students who submit their responses.

Note: Make sure that those students who have specific needs, disabilities, or health-related conditions have the accommodations they need to participate in this assessment on an equal basis with their peers. Some accommodations may include providing large-print or audio versions of materials, allowing students to complete the responses with the help of others, permitting them to submit verbal instead of written responses, or allowing them to dictate their answers to a scribe or recorder. Go to lds.org/topics/disability to find general information on helping individuals with disabilities.

Student Instructions

The Elevate Learning Experience consists of questions that are an important companion to your class participation and study of the assigned readings. Working on the responses to these questions throughout the course as you study, apply, record, and share principles and doctrine will help you strengthen your testimony and deepen your conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Drawing from the doctrine, principles, and information you have studied and applied during this course, respond to THREE of the seven following questions. (Your teacher may assign specific questions.) Consider the suggestions in the “Response” section below when crafting your answer. Be prepared to share what you have studied and applied by bringing your responses to class on the review dates your teacher schedules.

  1. How have you come to better know your Father in Heaven?

  2. What has helped you to more fully understand and rely on Jesus Christ and His Atonement?

  3. How has your testimony of the Restoration of the gospel increased?

  4. What has helped you to more fully qualify for the blessings of the temple?

  5. Which truths from this course have blessed your life?

  6. How have you strengthened your testimony of ? (The teacher will provide the principle or doctrine for this question.)

  7. How has your life improved because you have deepened your understanding of ? (Choose ONE of the following doctrinal topics.)

    1. The Godhead

    2. The Plan of Salvation

    3. The Atonement of Jesus Christ

    4. The Restoration

    5. Prophets and Revelation

    6. Priesthood and Priesthood Keys

    7. Ordinances and Covenants

    8. Marriage and Family

    9. Commandments


Consider including the following in each response:

  • Identify a doctrine that has become more meaningful to you as you have participated in this course.

  • Explain the doctrine using your own words, scripture passages, or words of the living prophets.

  • Share an experience in which you have recently felt the power of the doctrine in your life.

  • Share how your experience has deepened your conversion to the gospel of Christ.

Note: If you have a specific need, disability, or health-related condition, speak with your teacher so that he or she can make accommodations to help you complete this experience.