Lesson 45

“The Family Is Ordained of God”

“Lesson 45: ‘The Family Is Ordained of God’” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Class Member Study Guide (1999)

  • Read the title, subtitle, and first two paragraphs of the proclamation on the family. What is happening in our own families, communities, and nation that suggests a need for this counsel and warning from God’s prophets?

  • Read the third paragraph of the proclamation. What does this paragraph teach about the purpose of mortal life? How can your earthly experience help you in your eternal progression?

  • Read the sixth paragraph of the proclamation. What can married couples do to strengthen their love for each other? How are children blessed when they have parents who love and care for each other?

  • What can we do as individuals and families to promote stronger families in our own communities?

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