Lesson 30

“The Prisoners Shall Go Free”

“Lesson 30: ‘The Prisoners Shall Go Free’” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Class Member Study Guide (1999)

  • On 19 January 1841, several months after the Saints had begun performing baptisms for the dead, the Lord commanded them to build a temple in Nauvoo (D&C 124:25–27). What reasons did the Lord give for this commandment? (See D&C 124:28–30, 33, 40–41, 55.)

  • Read D&C 128:15. In what ways do the dead depend on us for their salvation? In what ways does our salvation depend on the salvation of the dead? (See D&C 128:17–18.)

  • Read D&C 128:19, 22–24. According to these verses, what should our attitude be about the gospel and about performing baptisms for the dead?

Scripture Chain: Baptism for the Dead