Lesson 28

“O God, Where Art Thou?”

“Lesson 28: ‘O God, Where Art Thou?’” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Class Member Study Guide (1999)

  • Read D&C 121:1–6. What do these verses indicate Joseph Smith was feeling and thinking about at this time? What are your thoughts and feelings as you read Joseph Smith’s pleadings with the Lord in these verses?

  • Read D&C 121:7–10. What did the Lord teach Joseph in these verses?

  • Think of some of your own trials as you read D&C 122:5–8. In what way has the Savior “descended below” all things? (See Alma 7:11–12; D&C 19:16–19.) How can a knowledge of the Savior’s suffering help you be faithful in your own tribulations?

  • Read D&C 98:12, 14–15; 101:1–2, 4; 122:7; 136:31. What do these verses teach about the purposes of adversity? Why does the Lord allow us to suffer tribulations? (See D&C 58:2–5.)

Scripture Chain: The Savior’s Suffering for Us