Lesson 27

“They Must Needs Be Chastened and Tried, Even as Abraham”

“Lesson 27: ‘They Must Needs Be Chastened and Tried, Even as Abraham’” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Class Member Study Guide (1999)

From 1831 to 1833, many Saints settled in Jackson County, Missouri, which the Lord had designated as the center stake of Zion. But, because of the transgressions of some Church members and the persecutions of the local citizens, the Saints were driven from Jackson County in the fall of 1833.

  • What reasons did the Lord give for allowing afflictions to come upon the Saints in Missouri? (See D&C 101:2, 4, 6–8.) For what purposes does the Lord chasten His people? (See D&C 95:1; 105:6; Helaman 12:3.)

  • How did the Lord show compassion for the Saints after chastening them? (See D&C 101:9–19.) How have you felt the Lord’s love and mercy in times of special need?

  • Read D&C 101:35–38. What can we learn from these verses to help us keep our mortal life in proper perspective?

  • The Lord revealed that the Saints would have to “wait a little season” for the redemption of Zion because of the disobedience and dissension of some Saints (D&C 105:9, 13). What are some of the requirements the Lord gave for the eventual establishment of Zion? (See D&C 105:1–13.)

Scripture Chain: Enduring despite Adversity