Lesson 15

“Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts”

“Lesson 15: ‘Seek Ye Earnestly the Best Gifts’” Doctrine and Covenants and Church History Class Member Study Guide (1999)

Gifts of the Spirit are spiritual blessings or abilities that are given through the Holy Ghost. These gifts were taken from the earth during the Great Apostasy, but God restored them in the early days of this dispensation. God gives at least one of these gifts to every faithful member of His Church who has received the gift of the Holy Ghost.

  • Which spiritual gifts are listed in D&C 46:13–25? What are some purposes of the gifts of the Spirit? (See D&C 46:8–9, 11–12, 26.)

  • What can you do to seek gifts of the Spirit? (See D&C 46:7, 9, 30–33.)

  • How can a patriarchal blessing help us in understanding what blessings or gifts the Lord may have given us or may yet give to us?

Scripture Chain: Gifts of the Spirit