What You Need to Know

    The new Come, Follow Me resources are not just updated manuals; they are part of a new home-centered approach to learning and living the gospel.

    The purpose of Church curriculum has always been to increase faith in Jesus Christ and lifelong conversion to Him and His gospel. What makes Come, Follow Me different is an increased emphasis on the home as the best place to nurture faith and conversion. Church classes are meant to support—not replace—the home in this role.

    Home Centered

    For this reason, each household in the Church will receive a copy of Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families. Here you will find helpful ideas to support personal scripture study, family scripture study, and family home evening. If you haven’t studied the scriptures regularly in the past, this resource can help you get started; if you already have a good habit of scripture study, this resource can help you have more meaningful experiences. Use it in any way that helps you and your family draw spiritual power from the scriptures.

    Introduction to Come, Follow Me for Individuals and Families (2:13)

    Download: Small (360p), Medium (720p), Large (1080p)

    Church Supported

    How do Church classes support this effort? First, beginning January 2019 the scriptures being discussed in Sunday School and Primary classes each week will be aligned so that adults, youth, and children will learn from the same chapters of the scriptures. Second, the experiences in these classes will be refocused to support, encourage and build on personal and family gospel learning. Come, Follow Me—For Sunday School and Come, Follow Me—For Primary will be provided to teachers so that they can help create these kinds of experiences in Church classes.

    Introduction to Come, Follow Me for Primary (1:39)

    Download: Small (360p), Medium (720p), Large (1080p)

    Introduction to Come, Follow Me for Sunday School (1:44)

    Download: Small (360p), Medium (720p), Large (1080p)

    How Can I Prepare?

    More information about these changes will be available later this year on this site and through your local leaders. Until then, you can prepare by seeking to develop a more consistent habit of reading and pondering the scriptures personally and with your family. If you are a teacher, you can study Teaching in the Savior’s Way and ponder what you can do to better help class members “try the virtue of the word of God” every day of their lives (Alma 31:5).

    For Leaders

    For 2019, bishops and branch presidents will be sent print copies of Come, Follow Me—For Individuals and Families to distribute to members in their units. Local units will not be charged for these copies in 2019. However, in future years, members and units may be encouraged to purchase needed print copies.

    Units will need to order enough copies of Primary and Sunday School materials for the teachers and leaders of these organizations. Local units will be responsible for these costs. As with other curriculum items, please order print materials only for those members who do not use digital versions of the curriculum.

    To order print materials, visit store.lds.org.

    Members will also find digital versions of these resources on LDS.org and in the Gospel Library app later this year.