Church History in the Fulness of Times Student Manual

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Title Pagei–ii 
Chapter OneChapter One: Prelude to the Restoration1–13 
Chapter TwoChapter Two: Joseph Smith’s New England Heritage15–27 
Chapter ThreeChapter Three: The First Vision29–36 
Chapter FourChapter Four: A Period of Preparation, 1823–2937–51 
Chapter FiveChapter Five: Coming Forth of the Book of Mormon and Restoration of the Priesthood52–66 
Chapter SixChapter Six: Organization of the Church of Jesus Christ67–78 
Chapter SevenChapter Seven: The Infant Church Expands79–88 
Chapter EightChapter Eight: Gathering to Ohio89–101 
Chapter NineChapter Nine: Gathering to the Land of Zion102–12 
Chapter TenChapter Ten: Development of the Church in Ohio, 1831–34113–26 
Chapter ElevenChapter Eleven: Expulsion from Jackson County127–39 
Chapter TwelveChapter Twelve: Zion’s Camp141–52 
Chapter ThirteenChapter Thirteen: Glorious Days in Kirtland, 1834–36153–68 
Chapter FourteenChapter Fourteen: The Apostasy in Kirtland, 1836–38169–80 
Chapter FifteenChapter Fifteen: The Church in Northern Missouri, 1836–38181–92 
Chapter SixteenChapter Sixteen: Missouri Persecutions and Expulsion193–210 
Chapter SeventeenChapter Seventeen: Refuge in Illinois211–24 
Chapter EighteenChapter Eighteen: The Mission of the Twelve225–39 
Chapter NineteenChapter Nineteen: Life in Nauvoo the Beautiful240–50 
Chapter TwentyChapter Twenty: Doctrinal Developments in Nauvoo251–62 
Chapter Twenty-OneChapter Twenty-One: Growing Conflict in Illinois263–71 
Chapter Twenty-TwoChapter Twenty-Two: The Martyrdom273–85 
Chapter Twenty-ThreeChapter Twenty-Three: The Twelve to Bear Off the Kingdom286–96 
Chapter Twenty-FourChapter Twenty-Four: Nauvoo under Apostolic Leadership297–307 
Chapter Twenty-FiveChapter Twenty-Five: The Trek across Iowa309–21 
Chapter Twenty-SixChapter Twenty-Six: Pioneers to the West323–36 
Chapter Twenty-SevenChapter Twenty-Seven: Establishing a Refuge in Deseret337–51 
Chapter Twenty-EightChapter Twenty-Eight: Utah in Isolation352–67 
Chapter Twenty-NineChapter Twenty-Nine: The Utah War368–79 
Chapter ThirtyChapter Thirty: The Civil War Period381–91 
Chapter Thirty-OneChapter Thirty-One: The Quest for Self-Sufficiency393–405 
Chapter Thirty-TwoChapter Thirty-Two: Brigham Young’s Presidency:The Final Decade406–21 
Chapter Thirty-ThreeChapter Thirty-Three: A Decade of Persecution, 1877–87422–34 
Chapter Thirty-FourChapter Thirty-Four: An Era of Reconciliation435–50 
Chapter Thirty-FiveChapter Thirty-Five: The Church at the Turn of the Century451–64 
Chapter Thirty-SixChapter Thirty-Six: The Church in the Early Twentieth Century465–79 
Chapter Thirty-SevenChapter Thirty-Seven: Moving Forward into the New Century481–94 
Chapter Thirty-EightChapter Thirty-Eight: Change and Consistency495–508 
Chapter Thirty-NineChapter Thirty-Nine: The Church during the Great Depression508–21 
Chapter FortyChapter Forty: The Saints during World War II522–34 
Chapter Forty-OneChapter Forty-One: Postwar Recovery535–49 
Chapter Forty-TwoChapter Forty-Two: Growth into a Worldwide Church550–61 
Chapter Forty-ThreeChapter Forty-Three: An Era of Correlation and Consolidation562–78 
Chapter Forty-FourChapter Forty-Four: The Church Lengthens Its Stride579–90 
Chapter Forty-FiveChapter Forty-Five: Meeting the Needs of a Worldwide Church591–600 
Chapter Forty-SixChapter Forty-Six: A Period of Challenge and Growth601–15 
Chapter Forty-SevenChapter Forty-Seven: Continued Growth during the Early 1990s616–27 
Chapter Forty-EightChapter Forty-Eight: The Church Comes Out of Obscurity628–45 
Chapter Forty-NineChapter Forty-Nine: The Destiny of the Church646–49 
Doctrine and Covenants Cross-References to Church History650–52 
Members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles: In the Dispensation of the Fulness of Times653–60 
Resources for Further Reading661–68