Resource Materials

“Resource Materials,” Branch Guidebook (2001), 21

The Church publishes resource materials to help members learn and live the gospel of Jesus Christ. These materials include the scriptures, lesson manuals, the Liahona, gospel art, and guidebooks. Church materials are based on the scriptures and the words of latter-day prophets. Materials for a branch consist of basic or general curriculum materials or a combination of the two (see Information for Priesthood and Auxiliary Leaders on Curriculum). Where the Liahona is available, each family in the branch should subscribe.

Each year the area office or distribution center sends to the branch lesson manuals, other resource materials, and information about ordering additional copies or other approved materials.

Branch leaders are to keep resource materials in the building where branch meetings are held or in a member’s home. Leaders should inform members that the materials are available and should encourage their use for preparing lessons and talks and for personal study. Teachers may be given class or quorum manuals, but they should be encouraged to return them to the branch or ward upon their release as teachers.