Nephi’s Vision (1 Nephi 10-14)

“Nephi’s Vision (1 Nephi 10-14)” Book of Mormon Teacher Resource Manual (2004), 295

Judea and Galilee in the Meridian of Time

Nephite-Lamanite Civilization

Gentile Nations in the Last Days

Virgin birth (11:13–20)

Christ’s ministry to descendants of Lehi (12:4–10)

Formation of a great church (13:4–9)

John the Baptist (10:7–10)

Battle between Nephites and Lamanites (12:13–15, 19)

Columbus discovers America (13:12)

Ministry of Christ (11:24)

Destruction of Nephites (12:19–20)

Immigrants seek freedom in America (13:13)

The Twelve Apostles (11:29)

Lamanites dwindle in unbelief (12:21–23)

Scattering of latter-day Lamanites (13:14)

Christ performs miracles (11:31)


Wars of independence (13:16–19)

Trial and Crucifixion (11:32–33)


Gentiles stumble when plain and precious truths removed from the Bible (13:20–34)

Apostles persecuted (11:34–36)


Restoration of the gospel (14:7)


Bible and Book of Mormon taken to Lamanites (13:35–41)


Lord’s promise to the Gentiles (13:34, 42)


Wars and rumors of wars (14:15–16)


Saints of the Church of the Lamb armed with the power of God (14:14)


God’s wrath poured out on the abominable church (14:13)


Second Coming and end of the world*

*Nephi witnessed these events but was told not to write them because that was the stewardship of John the Revelator. At least some of these events are included in the book of Revelation