Chapter 43

Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites

“Chapter 43: Jesus Christ Appears to the Nephites,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 120–23

Nephites gathering

Many Nephites gathered at the temple in Bountiful. They were amazed at the great changes in the land.

people talking

The people were talking about Jesus Christ and the sign of his death.

people hearing quiet voice

While they were talking, they heard a quiet voice from heaven. It made their hearts burn.

man holding woman

At first they did not understand the voice, but when it spoke the third time, they understood it.

people listening

The voice was Heavenly Father’s. It introduced Jesus Christ and told the people to listen to him.

Jesus among the people

Jesus Christ came down from heaven and stood among the people. They were afraid to speak because they did not understand what was happening. They thought Jesus was an angel.

Jesus talking to people

He told them he was Jesus Christ, the one the prophets had said would come.

Jesus with people

Jesus told the people to come and feel the marks in his side and in his hands and feet, where he had been nailed to the cross.

Jesus sitting with children

Jesus wanted the people to know that he was their God and that he had died for their sins.

Christ with Nephites

One by one the people felt the marks in Jesus’ side, hands, and feet. The people knew he was the Savior.

people worshipping Jesus

Then the people praised Jesus and fell at his feet and worshiped him.

Jesus giving men priesthood

Jesus called Nephi and 11 other men to him. He gave them priesthood power and taught them the right way to baptize.

Jesus teaching people

He told the Nephites to believe in him, repent, and keep the commandments. If they did not, they could not enter his kingdom.

Jesus teaching people

He taught the Nephites how to pray to Heavenly Father. He also taught them about fasting and said they would be forgiven if they forgave one another.

Jesus teaching people

After teaching the people many things, Jesus told them to go home and think and pray about what he had said.

Nephites crying

The Nephites began to cry. They did not want Jesus to leave yet.

Jesus teaching people

Jesus loved the Nephites. He told them to bring the people who were sick or hurt to him so he could heal them.

Jesus healing child

Jesus healed these people. Everyone bowed down and worshiped him.