Chapter 25

Aaron Teaches King Lamoni’s Father

“Chapter 25: Aaron Teaches King Lamoni’s Father,” Book of Mormon Stories (1997), 71–72

Aaron and companions traveling

The Spirit guided Aaron and his companions to the land of Nephi to teach Lamoni’s father, the king over all the Lamanites.

Aaron talking to king

Aaron told the king he was Ammon’s brother. The king had been thinking about Ammon’s kindness and about what Ammon had said to him.

Aaron talking to king

Aaron asked the king if he believed in God. The king said he wasn’t sure but said he would believe if Aaron said God exists. Aaron assured the king that God lives.

Aaron reading scriptures to king

Aaron read the scriptures to the king. He taught him about the earth’s Creation, Adam’s Fall, and Jesus Christ’s mission.

king talking to Aaron

The king asked what he needed to do to have the Holy Ghost and be ready to live with God. The king was willing to do anything, even give up his kingdom.

Aaron talking to king

Aaron told the king he needed to fully repent of his sins. He needed to pray and have faith in God.

king praying

The king prayed to know if there really is a God. He said he would give up all his sins.

king on ground

The king fell to the ground and appeared to be dead. When the queen saw him, she thought Aaron and his companions had killed him.

queen ordering servants

The queen ordered her servants to kill Aaron and his companions, but the servants were afraid to. She sent them to find other people who would do it.

Aaron commanding king to rise

Before a large crowd could gather and cause trouble, Aaron took the king’s hand and told him to stand. The king stood.

king calming wife

The king calmed his frightened wife and servants and then taught them the gospel. They all believed in Jesus Christ.