Lesson 45

“Never Has Man Believed in Me As Thou Hast”

“Lesson 45: ‘Never Has Man Believed in Me As Thou Hast’” Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (1999), 27–28

  • When the brother of Jared asked the Lord how to light the barges, what was the Lord’s response? (See Ether 2:23–25.) Why is it important to do all we can in addition to asking the Lord for help?

  • Before showing Himself to the brother of Jared, what question did the Lord ask? (See Ether 3:11.) How did the brother of Jared’s response demonstrate the depth of his faith? (See Ether 3:12.) What can you do to follow his example?

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Read Ether 6:1–12 together. Use the following questions to help family members see similarities between the Jaredites’ journey to the promised land and our journey through life:

  • The Lord caused the stones in the barges “to shine in darkness” (Ether 6:3). What “lights” has the Lord provided for us?

  • What did the Jaredites do after they had prepared all they could for their journey? (See Ether 6:4.) How can you show this same kind of trust in the Lord?

  • As the winds blew and the Jaredites were driven forth, what did the Jaredites do throughout the day and night? (See Ether 6:8–9.) What are some ways we can give praise to the Lord?

  • What did the Jaredites do when they had arrived in the promised land? (See Ether 6:12.) In what ways might this be similar to when we return to our Father in Heaven?