Lesson 31

“Firm in the Faith of Christ”

“Lesson 31: ‘Firm in the Faith of Christ’” Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (1999), 19

Alma 43–52 contains several accounts of war. These accounts can teach us about how to handle earthly conflicts and how to defend ourselves and our families in the battle against Satan.

  • Consider the following principles that governed the attitudes and actions of the righteous Nephites in times of war. How might understanding and applying these principles today help bring about greater peace in the world? How can you apply these principles in dealing with conflict in your personal life?

    1. Fight only for righteous reasons, such as self-defense (Alma 43:8–10, 29–30, 45–47; 48:14).

    2. Have no hate toward your enemies; seek their best interests as well as your own (Alma 43:53–54; 44:1–2, 6).

    3. Live righteously and trust in God (Alma 44:3–4; 48:15, 19–20).

    4. Follow righteous and wise leaders (Alma 43:16–19; 48:11–13, 17–19; see also D&C 98:10).

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Read the account of Captain Moroni raising the title of liberty (Alma 46:12–20). Then work as a family to create your own title of liberty. Ask family members to list a few important principles that would remind and inspire them to take the name of Christ upon themselves. Then write those principles on a large piece of paper. Encourage family members to live according to the principles you have written on your family’s title of liberty.