Lesson 22

“Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenances?”

“Lesson 22: ‘Have Ye Received His Image in Your Countenances?’” Book of Mormon Class Member Study Guide (1999), 14

Alma 5 contains over 40 questions. Look for those questions and ponder how you would answer them.

  • Throughout his address to the people in Zarahemla, Alma spoke of experiencing a “mighty change” of heart and being “born of God” (Alma 5:14). We often use the word conversion when we speak of this experience. What does it mean to be converted? (See Mosiah 5:2; 27:24–26.)

Suggestion for Family Discussion

Read Alma 5:14, 19 as a family. Explain that the word countenance refers to a person’s behavior or to the way a person’s face expresses his or her character.

  • What do you think it means to “have the image of God engraven upon [our] countenances”? What have you seen in other people to show that they have “received his image in [their] countenances”?