South Valley Farms Handcart Rentals

15443 Beech Ave
Wasco, California 93280
United States


Stakes can rent handcarts for use at locations they identify.

Rental location

20 miles north of Bakersfield

Number of handcarts available for rental

30, each of which can accommodate the gear of 10 to 12 people


Stakes and wards can rent handcarts at a cost of $150 per trailer, with each trailer holding 10 carts.

For fewer than 10 handcarts, the cost is $20 per cart. An adequate vehicle for transporting the carts will be needed.

Vehicles for towing

Trailers use a normal two-inch ball hitch and require at least a three-quarter-ton vehicle for safe towing.

Payment method

Handcart rental fees (and damage reimbursement costs, if necessary) are handled by electronic funds transfer through the Church Money Management Engine (MME), initiated by the Bakersfield California Stake.

Reserving and picking up handcarts

Rental reservations should be made at least one year in advance by calling 1-661-391-9000 or emailing Handcarts are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

Pickup times should be arranged two weeks before a trek.

Each group will schedule a pickup time when reserving the handcarts. When leaders come to check out the handcarts, they will receive instructions and review the handcart and trailer safety rules. A Driver Check-Out and Check-In form needs to be filled out when handcarts are picked up and returned.