Osage Prairie

342 County Rd 2750
Pawhuska, Oklahoma 74056
United States


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1. In what months are treks allowed at the site?
March, June, and October (weather prevents scheduling in July and August)

2. What is the cost per person to use the site?
$20 per person

3. How many participants can the site accommodate at a time?
No set number

4. How many handcarts are available?


1. Who may schedule a trek? Wards? Stakes? Families?

2. How far in advance should treks be scheduled?
Currently booked 1½ years out.

3. Who is the site contact for more information and scheduling?
There is no contact on site. Treks are scheduled through the Bartlesville Oklahoma Stake.

4. Are missionaries available to help with treks? What services and activities will they provide?
Full-time missionaries do not participate in treks.


1. What is the recommended length (in days) of a trek at the site?
Most treks are three days, but there is not an established length.

2. How long are the trek trails?
There are several trails of different lengths.

3. Is the trek a set route, or is there flexibility for different schedules and routes?
There is small flexibility in the trek route.

4. What trek activities can be done at the site (such as a river crossing and women’s pull)?
All typical trek activities can be done on the property, including a river crossing and a women’s pull.


1. Is water available at the site? How do groups handle transporting water? Do they bring their own containers?
Water is available at the site. Each handcart must carry at least 10 gallons.

2. Are pit toilets or portable toilets available on the property? If not, how do trek groups handle sanitation?
Portable toilets are available at the site.

3. How are trek groups to handle trash?
Trek groups are required to pack out all trash and may leave it in the dumpsters at the ranch workshop.

4. What is the fire protocol at the site?
Open fires are usually allowed unless there are drought conditions.


1. Do missionaries from the site provide training to trek leaders? Is the training mandatory? When is it offered? How much does it cost per leader?
There is no trek training, but an onsite tour for leaders is mandatory before trek to show the routes. A stake leader conducts this tour, and there is no cost.

2. Does the site have a site-specific handbook?


1. Does the site rent handcarts for groups to use at different locations?

2. Are other activities, besides trek, offered at the site?
Besides trek, other activities are handled by the Church ranch, not the stake.