Mormon Handcart Historic Site

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The Mormon Handcart Historic Site provides a dedicated outdoor setting for day visitors and trekkers to “come unto Christ” (Preach My Gospel, 1). The objectives of the Mormon Handcart Historic Site are to:

  1. Strengthen the faith of members.
  2. Help visitors understand the history of the site.
  3. Stimulate interest to learn more about the gospel.
  4. Preserve historic sites.

Families, wards, stakes, and others may schedule treks at this property for approved itineraries. Please be aware that how far in advance you are able to schedule or reserve an itinerary is determined by the priority reservation schedule.

Instructions on How to Schedule a Trek

This document outlines all of the itineraries offered at the Mormon Handcart Historic Site during each week of the trekking season.

Once you have selected an itinerary that will best fit your group’s needs, you can make a reservation here, using the name of the itinerary as listed in this document. Please contact us if the dates or itinerary you would like are not available at 307-328-2953.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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