Welcome Message from the MTC President

New Zealand MTC President


Dear Prospective Missionaries and Parents,

Young men and women who are called by the Lord as full-time missionaries begin their service at one of the Church’s 15 missionary training centers (MTCs) worldwide. The New Zealand MTC is one of these international centers. Staff, teachers, and leaders strive to serve the individual needs of each missionary who comes here to receive training.

The length of stay for missionaries at the MTC varies from three to six weeks, depending on the requirements for their mission. During their stay, missionaries will develop increased understanding and love for the scriptures and the doctrine of Christ. The training is focused on the scriptures and the inspired volume Preach My Gospel. Through obedience, personal prayer, and study of the scriptures, your faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be strengthened and your testimony of His restored gospel enhanced. You will become skilled in teaching the missionary lessons from Preach My Gospel in the language of the mission to which you have been called. Some missionaries needing special help with the English language will be assigned to the English as a Second Language (ESL) program. As you learn to teach by the Spirit, you will become a mentor and righteous example for other missionaries. You will form strong bonds with other missionaries as you prepare for your service.

The New Zealand MTC is housed in a new training facility. We have the ability to accommodate 62 missionaries at a time. However, the usual intake number is about 43. Missionaries keep very busy with class work and meetings throughout a normal day. In addition to the classroom training, weekly devotionals and trainings are provided for missionaries' motivation and instruction. Each week you will have the opportunity to attend the temple in Hamilton. You will participate in daily service projects. Additionally, you will have personal preparation time to read, ponder, and write to family. You will enjoy the meals in the dining room. You will also have scheduled exercise time daily.

The New Zealand MTC is truly unique. The experiences missionaries have here are fulfilling and spiritually edifying. Learning to teach the gospel in order to help the work of establishing the Lord’s kingdom is a challenging task that will stretch your capacity and capability. Spiritual blessings that come from your preparations will bring about great growth and strength. 

Sister Tarawhiti and I welcome you to the New Zealand Missionary Training Center. You are about to begin a wonderful spiritual training experience. Our Heavenly Father will bless you as you faithfully make your preparation for your mission.

President and Sister Tarawhiti