About the Ghana MTC

Ghana MTC Exterior

The missionary training center in Ghana, Africa, is located in the community of Tema, approximately 15 kilometers east of Accra, Ghana’s capital. Construction on the facility began in 2001, and it was dedicated on May 17, 2002. We celebrated the 10th anniversary in an area devotional at the MTC on May 17, 2012, with Elder John B. Dickson, Africa West Area President.

MTC presidents and their wives who have served in Ghana include the following:

  • President and Sister Stephen M. Hadley            2002-2004
  • President and Sister James W. Ritchie                2004-2006
  • President and Sister Brent L. Nielson                  2006-2008
  • President and Sister David K. Harmon                2008-2010
  • President and Sister Fredrick Froerer III             2010-2012
  • President and Sister Stephen L. Graham            2012-2014

The Managers of Training and Operations who have served in the Ghana MTC include the following:

  • Eugene Engmann                                             2002-2010
  • Mathias O. Eguko                                             2010-Present


The climate in Accra is tropical and humid, with minimal variation in daily temperatures from the annual average of 81°F (27°C). There are two rainy seasons; one runs from April to July and the other from September to November. Average annual rainfall is about 30 inches, mostly coming between April and June.

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