Employment Information


Who is eligible to teach at the MTC?

Men and women who have served full-time missions and returned home within the last six months.

How do I apply to teach at the MTC?

Take a hard copy of your resume to the MTC and fill in the requested information found in the following link, which will aid in the selection process: http://www.vacantes.net/ldschurch/.

When are there openings for teachers?

Whenever a teacher finishes his or her contract or whenever it becomes necessary to increase the number of teachers needed to accommodate the number of missionaries attending the MTC.

How long will my application be kept on file?

Not longer than six months from the time you returned from your mission.

Besides teacher positions, are there other employment opportunities at the MTC?

Yes. These opportunities include cooks, kitchen staff, facilities maintenance, supervisor, and manager.

What else should I know before I apply?

Understand that employment as a teacher is temporary (not to last longer than two years) and applicants must apply within the first six months after finishing their mission.