Your Stay at the MTC


We are very excited about your future arrival at the Brazil Missionary Training Center. We hope that this information will be helpful as you make your final arrival preparations.

When should I arrive at the MTC?

You will travel by airplane to the Guarulhos São Paulo International Airport, where you will be picked up by representatives of the MTC and transported by bus or van. The MTC is approximately 40 minutes from the airport. If for any reason you miss your contact, call 3856-1400 or 3856-1421. This will connect you directly to the MTC. Do not call home when you arrive in Brazil.

We recommend that any money you wish to exchange into Brazilian currency be done in the airport. This can be done at the Safra Bank window in the area where you retrieve your luggage after the customs inspection. Please be aware that money exchange is not possible at the MTC.

What if I am already fluent in or acquainted with my mission language?

If you are already fluent or speak some of the second language to which you have been assigned, you will go through an evaluation by the teaching supervisor when you arrive at the MTC and may be assigned to a class of native speakers.

What preparations are necessary before entering the MTC?

Your mission begins when you enter the missionary training center (MTC). You must complete all preparations before entering the MTC, including the purchase of all clothing and personal items. Personal time is extremely limited. The week after your arrival you will have your first preparation day, and if needed, you will be able to purchase personal hygiene items, notebooks or paper, stamps, and snacks, or have a suit cleaned. Missionaries stay within the MTC boundary limits.

You should enter the MTC healthy, having already taken care of all health-related matters, including dental and eye exams and follow-up treatment before you arrive in Brazil. Complete all medical tests requested on the Missionary Immunization/Preventive Medication Requirements form. (You or those providing for your support must pay for pre-mission medical conditions, including dental and eye care.).

All your time in the MTC will be dedicated to your training; there is no possibility of doing any kind of medical, dental, or eye treatment. The MTC only has an emergency medical service to cope with simple everyday situations.

Immunizations that require a specific date to receive additional doses need to be started in advance, so that the treatment can be completed before your entry in the MTC.

You should be set apart as a full-time missionary by your stake president and, if you desire, receive a father's blessing and/or patriarchal blessing before your arrival at the MTC. You are encouraged to bring a copy of your patriarchal blessing with you.

What should I bring to the MTC?

Bring the following when you come to the MTC:

  • Items on the mission clothing list sent from the Missionary Department
  • Products for personal hygiene
  • Appropriate exercise clothing (five gym periods per week)
  • Warm clothing (if you will be at the MTC during the winter months of May, June, and July)
  • At least one suit (for elders)
  • Current temple recommend (activated by the stake president or clerk)
  • Money for personal items (remember to exchange money at the airport).
  • Government-issued photo ID (such as, driver's license, military ID, and so on). During your stay at the MTC, your passport will be kept by the Travel Department for visa issues and will not be able to be retrieved until the day you go to the mission field. If during your MTC stay you need a doctor’s appointment or immunizations or you need to use your personal debit or credit card, a photo ID other than your passport will be needed.
  • A copy of your completed Missionary Immunization/Preventive Medication Requirements form

Be sure to put your name on all clothing, luggage, and other belongings.

Who should I contact if I have a question during my preparation?

During your preparation to go to the field, all questions should be addressed to your local leaders.  They, in turn, will contact the Missionary Department if necessary.

Where should I report?

The Salt Lake travel office will send you all information needed for your departure. You will report directly to the Brazil MTC unless you are waiting for your visa. In that case you would report to the Provo MTC.

MTC Address
Centro de Treinamento Missionário do Brasil
Rua Padre Antonio D’Angelo, 121
Casa Verde
Cep: 02516-040
São Paulo – SP

How should I be dressed for my arrival?

Regular missionary attire is the standard for dress at the MTC. Elders should wear a suit coat on the day of their arrival. For more information on missionary dress and grooming, please refer to your call packet or see dress and grooming guidelines.

What supplies and services will the MTC provide?

All bedding supplies and meals are provided. We have laundry facilities and a barber shop. There is no bookstore at the MTC, but a distribution center with some Church publications is available to you when you go to the temple. 

How will my expenses be handled?

You do not need to bring money to the MTC for room and board, training materials, laundry, haircuts, or other essential personal care items. However, you must provide your own spending money for miscellaneous expenses, such as personal hygiene items, notebooks, paper, stamps, snacks outside the MTC on preparation day, and so on.

The MTC does not have an automatic teller machine (ATM), and missionaries are not allowed to go to banks or ATMs during their time at the MTC.

May I have visitors at the MTC?

Your training schedule will not allow time for visits from family or friends. Please advise your family not to request visits, because such visits would only distract you and your companion from your training. Please do not meet your family or friends at the temple at any time. Church leaders have also asked that missionaries not be excused from the MTC to attend funerals, marriages, farewells, baptisms, or other family events. While you are at the MTC, all communications with family and others should be limited to weekly letters and/or weekly family e-mails.

How will I communicate with my family during my time at the MTC?

While in the MTC, all communication with family and others should be limited to weekly letters or e-mails. Do not forget to bring the needed information for your MyLDSMail account (log-in and password), as well as a written copy of your family’s e-mail address.

Any letters for missionaries must be sent through commercial carriers. The MTC cannot accept letters or other items delivered any other way. Mail to you should be addressed with your full name and mission assignment. 

May my family deliver packages to the MTC?

Do not send packages to the Brazil Missionary Training Center. All packages must be sent directly to the mission where you will be serving, not the MTC. Packages sent to the MTC cannot be forwarded to your mission and will be declined.

Is it possible to receive immunizations at the MTC?

You should receive all required immunizations before entering the MTC. Brazilian public health service offers the following immunizations for free: hepatitis B, tetanus, yellow fever, and MMR. You may receive them while in the field.

Other immunizations such as hepatitis A, meningitis, and typhoid are offered in private clinics, but the missionary will be responsible for the fee charged. You may also receive these immunizations while in the field, but not while in the MTC. 

Immunizations that require a specific date to receive additional doses need to be started in advance, so that the treatment can be completed before your entry in the MTC. 

What about travel from the MTC to the mission field?

While you are at the MTC, you will receive information concerning travel to your mission. 

The training materials that you will receive at the MTC will weigh about 8 to 12 pounds. You should be prepared to take these materials with you to the mission field.