Welcome Message from the MTC President

MTC Brazil President


Dear Prospective Missionaries and Parents,

Each of the 15 missionary training centers worldwide has one purpose in common, to help the young men and women entering the mission field to be better prepared in every way to serve.  Missionaries are taught ways to present the gospel of Jesus Christ to others while strengthening their own testimonies of the Lord Jesus Christ. It is a truly marvelous place to learn and to grow.

The Brazil Missionary Training Center is situated in the city of São Paulo, an area of approximately 20 million people. São Paulo is a progressive and exciting city. As missionaries enter the MTC, though, there is an instant feeling of peace and purpose. A great deal of time is given to understanding better the doctrine of Jesus Christ and the holy scriptures. We use Preach My Gospel, an inspired volume of instruction, as the teaching guide, and the daily training is given by excellent instructors. You will also enjoy time in sports activities, service projects, and personal and companionship study. We have an excellent cafeteria, a gymnasium, walking track, weight room, and garden areas around the grounds of the MTC for outdoor study. 

The Brazil MTC is the largest MTC outside the United States, and typically between 200 and 300 missionaries reside here. The MTC presidency is supported by excellent branch presidencies, who are called to support the missionaries and preside over the Sunday activities. We also enjoy weekly devotionals and firesides given by General Authorities, the MTC leadership, and other Church leaders. An additional blessing for the missionaries is to be able to attend the São Paulo Temple each week.

The missionaries who are trained in the Brazil MTC are young men and women from Brazil and other South American countries, the United States, Mozambique, and Cape Verde. Even though we have many countries and cultures represented, the missionaries are united in the purpose of furthering the work of the Lord in establishing His Church. 

Being a missionary is not easy, and you will be blessed with tasks that will stretch and strengthen you for the marvelous work ahead. You will be trained to share with the world the message of the restored gospel, in all its glory, and to invite others to embrace the truth.

Sister Swensen and I welcome you to the Brazil Missionary Training Center, and we know that you will be blessed and sustained by the Lord as you begin your missionary service.

President and Sister Swensen