Strategies for Help

Tips for Making an Emergency Plan

A man working in the bishops' storehouse in Mexico City, Mexico.

Thinking about emergency situations can feel frightening and overwhelming, but we are promised “If ye are prepared, ye shall not fear” (Doctrine and Covenants 38:30). Preparing for emergencies can help us feel more secure and can help us stay safe when a disaster or unexpected event occurs.

Preparation is necessary in many areas, including financial, home storage and food production, emotional preparedness, and emergency planning. If we have these plans in place, we can be prepared when challenges occur.

Planning for Challenges

When planning for disasters, it’s helpful to:

  • Consider the disruptions possible in your area.
  • Make plans for the disruptions that may happen to you.
  • Make a communication and reunification plan.
  • Think about your family’s special needs.
  • Update your plans on a regular basis.

To learn how to plan for disruptions in your area, see the Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide. In the guide, you can find activities and charts to help you make plans.

Emergency Kit Basics

An emergency kit can help you be prepared if you need to leave your home for a brief period. Think through these needs as you put together a portable supply kit:

  • Shelter
  • Food and water
  • Medical supplies
  • Light
  • Communication
  • Critical documents
  • Cash
  • Change of clothing
  • Entertainment/comfort items (games, balls, puzzles, coloring books and crayons, books.)
  • Other needs unique to your situation

Once you have created your emergency kit, be sure to check it regularly. Children grow out of clothes, food expires, and plans change. See the Temporal Preparedness Guides for Your Area for more specifics.

Additional Strategies for Help

Get Help

Personal and Family Emergency Preparedness Planning Guide

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Temporal Preparedness Guide for Your Area

Get guides on emergency preparedness for your area.


Stake and Ward Preparedness Plan

Make plans for your ward or stake.

Emergency Guidelines for Stakes

Review Church policies for emergency response procedures.

Discussion Guide: How Can I Minister to Others During a Crisis?

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