Starting a Side Business Group

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Do you have a side business, or are you interested in starting one? At Employment Services, you don’t have to start a side business on your own. Join the free Starting a Side Business group for support from other individuals who have the same goal.

What Is the Starting a Side Business Group?

In this weekly group meeting, you will have the opportunity to network and share ideas with others who have a small side business or are wanting to start one. Every week, participants will learn tips and find resources for turning a hobby or personal interest into another source of income.

Who Can Join?

You don’t need to have a side business to join the Starting a Side Business group. If all you have is an idea, or if you are considering starting a side business and aren’t sure where to start, come and join us!

What to Expect in the Starting a Side Business Group

There isn’t an official start or end date, and individuals can join the group at any time. Group members are invited to join the group when needed and may leave the group once they have obtained the information they need.

Weekly meetings last for up to 90 minutes. Each meeting begins with a prayer and “Me in 30 Seconds” introductions, followed by group member progress reports, a brief instructional topic, and plenty of collaboration time. Discussions are typically focused on a specific topic, such as choosing a side business, finding customers, keeping customers, managing profitability, marketing, and more.

We invite group members to come prepared to each meeting with a brief “Me in 30 Seconds” statement introducing their business, as well as a report on their last week’s activities and questions for the group.

When Can I Join the Starting a Side Business Group?

Anyone needing help starting a side business can join the Starting a Side Business group at any time. Meetings occur every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. (Mountain Time) in English. Click on the link below to join!

Tips for Online Meetings

Consider the following tips as you connect for an online meeting:

  • Typically, everyone participating can see each other, so sit in a spot where there are few distractions.
  • You will need to use a microphone to speak, so make sure you’re in a quiet place.
  • Consider using headphones with a microphone attached.
  • Test your camera and microphone before you join to minimize technical issues.
  • Make sure you have enough light so other participants can see your face.
  • In your job search, you want to be punctual to meetings, so be sure to join the meeting on time.