Upload Guidelines and Policies (Updated 2017-03-28)

Principles for Photos, Documents and Audio Recordings

FamilySearch Photos, Documents and Audio Recordings should allow individuals to share content of ancestors that help the family come to know and love one another. The following overall principles should apply:

  1. Appropriate. Content should support appropriate standards of modesty and virtue.
  2. Relevant. Content should support a family history purpose.
  3. Heart-turning. Content should support individuals coming to know and love their ancestors.
  4. Noncommercial. Content should not advertise or promote products. They should not infringe on intellectual property rights.

Photo, Document and Audio Recording Screening Policy Guidelines

Content MAY NOT contain images, depictions, or descriptions of

  1. Nudity or immodesty. Clothing depicted in photos should be zipped and buttoned properly.
  2. Sacred or other religious content.

         a. Clothing
         b. Rites
         c. Patriarchal blessing
  3. Cross-dressing.
  4. Links to outside websites (i.e. no URLs).
  5. Obscene or profane words of any kind.
  6. Body shots without a head or face.
  7. Images of people kissing on the mouth: individuals kissing one another on the lips or about to kiss one another on the lips, regardless of gender, age, or relationship.
  8. Product or website endorsements. Logos and wording on clothing or on billboards, trucks, etc. will be evaluated individually.
  9. Illegal acts, products, or services. This includes drugs.
  10. Vulgarity, vulgar gestures or vulgar language.
  11. Expressions of hatred or discrimination.
  12. Violence and mutilation.

         a. War, hunting, and fishing photos will be evaluated individually.
         b. Photos with piercings and tattoos will be evaluated individually.
  13. The promotion of racism.
  14. The promotion of current productions, causes, or charities.
  15. Commercial content. The only exceptions are if:

         a. You have legal rights to the content.
         b. The copyright has expired.

Photos, Documents and Audio Recordings may not be edited in such a way as to make them inaccurate, false, or misleading. Also, any group shot photo that contains even one individual that violates any of the guidelines in this document is not allowed.

Images, artifacts, or files newly or previously uploaded to or created on FamilySearch that violate submission policies may be restricted.  

Updated 2017-03-28