Trekking at the Wyoming Mormon Trail Sites

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Requesting a Trek Reservation

Requests for 2024 trek reservations may be submitted starting on September 19, 2023, at 9 a.m. mountain time.
Click here to submit a request for a trek reservation.

When you request a trek reservation, you will be asked three things:
1. Approximately how many people will be in your group
2. Which trek itinerary you prefer, as well as an optional backup itinerary in case your preference is unavailable
3. Three choices of dates for your trek

Once you have this information, request a trek reservation by filling out and completing the online form. Missionaries will review the request within a week and let you know if your trek can be scheduled.
Click here to view the availability calendar.

If you have questions, please see our FAQ page or contact the missionaries at or 307-328-2953.

Trek Itinerary Options

Itineraries are based on group size. To see the itinerary options best suited for your group, click on the number of people you anticipate will be on your trek: 25–150,151–300, 301–450, 451–600.

Not seeing an itinerary that fits your group’s needs? Consider making reservations at an alternative trek location.

Planning Resources

Once you’ve made a reservation, it will be time to begin planning your trek. The following resources provide guidelines for planning the logistics of your trek.

Preparing to Trek at the Wyoming Mormon Trail Sites

If there are discrepancies between this document and the Handcart Trek Reenactments: Guidelines for Leaders, defer to Preparing to Trek at the Wyoming Mormon Trail Sites.
Handcart Trek, Rocky Ridge Wyoming

Handcart Trek Reenactments: Guidelines for Leaders

Handcart treks require substantial preparation to achieve meaningful purposes with minimal risks.

Trek Pa meets and greets a youth he will spend several days with.

Selected Handcart Stories for Youth Treks

The most effective treks involve invite members of the group (leaders and youth) to prepare materials to share with the rest of the group. Here are some historically accurate stories from the 1856 rescue that leaders or youth can read and prepare to share as part of programming either in camp or along the trail.

A woman wears a wide-brimmed straw hat while she sits in the sun and rests.

Church History Biographical Database

If members of your group want to do research on their ancestors or on the companies involved in the 1856 rescue in general, a good place to begin is the Church History Biographical Database.
Pioneers on the Plains

Video: “Pioneer Journeys – More than a Trek”

In addition to organizing the logistics of a trek, it is important to help the participants prepare spiritually for their experience at these sites. You might use this video in a pre-trip fireside to set the stage.
A group of people dressed in straw hats and pioneer clothing rest in a field of grass during trek.

Video: “Tracy’s Trek” (Trek Safety)

Planning for trek should include preparations related to the health and safety of participants. You might use this three-part video series as part of your planning process.

Medical Release Form

As Church policy, unit leaders should have a medical release form for each participant. These should be kept by unit leaders. You do not need to show them to the trek missionaries.
Cropped thumbnail version of the Parental or Guardian Permission/Medical Release form.