Brigham Young Historic Park
Light purple wildflowers in a park.
8 a.m. to 9 p.m. daily
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100 N State Street Salt Lake City, Utah 84150
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Brigham Young Historic Park

Entrance and marker at the Brigham Young Historic Park.

Brigham Young Historic Park is an open-lawn park and landmark located directly east of Temple Square. It is across the street from the Church Office Building on State Street and North Temple in Salt Lake City, Utah. The land was owned by Brigham Young, second President of the Church, during the latter half of the 1800s.

Plaque at the Brigham Young Historic Park.
Family life
A man plays an electric guitar with a band outside.
A statue at the Brigham Young Historic Park.
The pond and waterwheel in the Brigham Young Historic Park in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Wildflowers at the Brigham Young Historic Park.

Brigham Young Historic Park represents a small portion of land once owned by the Brigham Young family in the center of Salt Lake City. On this property were farm barns and sheds, animals, orchards, and vegetable gardens. On the east side of the park, a rebuilt portion of cobblestone wall can be seen that once marked Brigham’s property.

Today, the park features statues memorializing the lives and efforts of the Latter-day Saints who arrived in Salt Lake City in the 1840s. There is a stage on the north side of the lawn that is backed by a waterwheel powered by the flow of City Creek. Free evening concerts are sometimes held here. In 1995, the park was dedicated by President Gordon B. Hinckley as a “refuge from the rush and hurry of the city … where the weary may sit and rest with the soft music of moving water” and “an oasis for contemplation and reflection” (“2 ‘Small Oases’ in Salt Lake City Are Dedicated by the Prophet,” Church News, 14 Oct. 1995,

Located on the corner of two active downtown boulevards, Brigham Young Historic Park is surrounded by a fenced perimeter and a gated entrance. The park is open daily for visitors.

From Brigham Young Historic Park, you can also follow the path of City Creek Park and North Canyon Road as it winds through the historic homes northeast of the Park and through the neighborhood into Memory Grove Park. This is an especially popular walking route.

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