Brother Ahmad Corbitt

    Brother Ahmad S. Corbitt was sustained as first counselor in the Young Men General Presidency on April 4, 2020.
    Brother Corbitt received an undergraduate degree in sociology from Richard Stockton College of New Jersey and a law degree from Rutgers University School of Law. He worked as a trial lawyer, executive director of corporate communications and associate general counsel of a Delaware company and vice president and general counsel of a New York public relations firm. Brother Corbitt was director of the Church’s New York Public Affairs office. He currently works for the Church’s Missionary Department.
    Brother Corbitt’s past Church service includes time as a full-time missionary in the Puerto Rico San Juan Mission, stake president, and president of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo East Mission.
    Ahmad Corbitt was born on August 16, 1962, in Philadelphia. He and his wife, Jayne, have six children and 11 grandchildren.
    Last Updated On May 13, 2020
    Full Name
    Ahmad Corbitt
    August 16, 1962
    Place of Birth
    Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States
    TitleFirst Counselor in the Young Men General Presidency
    OrganizationYoung Men General Presidency
    Call DateApril 4, 2020