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You’ve learned a lot about the Savior of the world.

12/01/23 | 1 min read
But who is He to you, personally?

We love sharing new music with you! Last week we shared the new youth theme song for next year.

Now we want to share a new song called “Savior of My Soul.” How do you like it? Scroll down for lyrics!

Look for more like this on the 2024 album.

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Savior of My Soul

“Savior of my Soul”

I’ve heard the stories all my life,
The Prince of Peace, the Son of God, the source of endless light.
He healed the sick and calmed the sea,
He puts to rest the thundering waves inside of me.

He rescued me,
He set me free.

Beautiful Savior,
The Way, the Truth divine.
King and Deliverer,
Redeemer of mankind.
All of His many names
Show His power and grace.
He’s the Light, my healer, my guide,
The Savior of my soul.

Broken people, perfect love.
He paved the way and paid the price so we could rise above
The bands of death and find relief.
With selfless pain, He bore His cross on Calvary.


I will spend this life
Giving all my time,
Living line by line till I see
How He’d trade His throne for a crown of thorns,
And He did it all for me.