Light The World 2020 Campaign
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You can #LightTheWorld through kind and loving words.

12/18/22 | 1 min read
Your words have power!

Have you ever thought about your ability to communicate with others as a sort of superpower?

“Our words, like our deeds, should be filled with faith and hope and charity,” Elder Jeffrey R. Holland once taught. “With such words, spoken under the influence of the Spirit, tears can be dried, hearts can be healed, lives can be elevated, hope can return, confidence can prevail.”1

Awesome, right? Here are a few ways you can share your light through your words:

  • Apologize to someone.
  • Post about something uplifting using a #LightTheWorld hashtag.
  • Give your neighbor a compliment. This could be your next-door neighbor or someone you sit by at school or church.

You can bless many people this week as you use your words for good. As Elder Holland said, “When we say edifying, encouraging things unto the least of these, our brethren and sisters and little ones, we say it unto God.”1

Flip it Around

Think about a time someone shared kind words with you. Share the story on social media with #LightTheWorld or write it in your journal.

1. Jeffrey R. Holland, “The Tongue of Angels,” general conference, April 2007,
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