Is there a Place for Me?
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Wondering if there’s a place for you in this Church?

06/01/23 | 1 min read
The answer is a resounding YES!

The apostle Paul taught that the Church is like a human body—different parts performing different functions, with all of them working together to make a healthy whole.1

Next time you feel out of place at Church (something most of us will deal with at one time or another) maybe it’s because you are able to bring a valuable perspective that can help other people come closer to Jesus Christ.

For example, perhaps your past experiences have made you more sensitive to what others have been through, and you can make a compassionate comment in class. Your gospel questions might be something others are also grappling with. The trials you have survived might have given you a particular testimony of the Savior that others need to hear. We all need each other!

In the April 2023 general conference, Elder D. Todd Christofferson testified that we can be united by Jesus Christ even when other things about our lives are very different.

“Unity does not require sameness, but it does require harmony,” he said. “We can have our hearts knit together in love, be one in faith and doctrine, and still cheer for different teams, disagree on various political issues, debate about goals and the right way to achieve them, and many other such things. But we can never disagree or contend with anger or contempt for one another.”

Let’s all help each other feel like we belong, because each one of us do. (Yes, that includes YOU!)

Welcome and Share

How can you help others feel welcome at Church? How can you share your talents and perspectives in a positive way?